The Mummy: Demastered Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies for The Mummy Demastered
Die and be resurrected again by Ahmanet
Collect a Health Pack
Collect a Bandoleer
Collect the Assault Rifle
Collect the Shotgun
Collect the Flamethrower
Collect the Mercury Harpoon
Collect the Cluster Rockets
Collect the Plasma Beam
Collect the Grenades
Collect the Incendiary Grenades
Collect the C4
Collect the Rappel Gear
Collect the Ring of Wadjet
Collect the Scroll of Khepri
Collect the Horus Bracer
Collect the Ankh of Seker
Collect the Scroll of Heket
Collect the Crown of Apis
Collect the Scroll of Qebui
Collect the Scroll of Anuket
Defeat the Giant Arachnid
Defeat Anubis
Defeat the Giant Scarab
Defeat Ahmanet
Escape to the chopper after defeating Ahmanet
Beat the game without dying
Use Rappel Gear
Kill two enemies with one harpoon
Use a Phase Dash to destroy a wall
Perform a Dash Boost
Collect 100% of items
Discover of the 100% Map
Travel by Helicopter to a new location
Escape the caves in Iraq