The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories Trophy List

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Awaken at the campground.
Let the strange deer empower you.
Chat with F.K. for the first time.
Escape from something scary.
Get run over by a train.
Fall off a bridge.
Escape danger.
Reach the top of the clock tower.
Complete the game.
Acquire every donut.
Find the first Sleepy.
Find every Sleepy.
Read a hidden text from F.K. after finishing the game.
Read all of F.K.'s hidden texts after finishing the game.
Read all of the texts from the past.
Select Continue after the ending and start a new run.
Don't get too addicted to your phone.
First, you need to find Emily.
Jump to dodge the black beast!
Crane operation is dangerous work.