The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Trophy List

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You done did it all!
Destroy the Speyeder of the Wild Forest.
Dethrone the Wraith King in the Haunted Kingdom.
End the dancing of a great Candy Dragon.
Decompile a fearsome Dance-o-bot.
Save the world of Koras from Dancemageddon.
Conquer one challenge in the school arena.
Make five arena challenges your chump.
Beat the final challenge's omega boss.
Defeat every arena challenge
Defeat every arena challenge on hard.
Succeed in your first story sidequest.
Succeed in beating five sidequests.
Succeed in every single sidequest.
Unlock your first bonus song.
Survive your first 10 songs in Story Mode.
Survive every song in Story Mode.
Survive every song in Story Mode on Hard.
Perform your first upgrade to the school.
Unlock Sara's laboratory.
Purchase every ultimate weapon.
Attain a 100 note streak.
Attain a 300 note streak
Survive a story song without killing an enemy.
Survive a story song without healing any party member.
Apply six buffs to one hero at the same time
Deal at least 7000 hp damage in one strike as Gwen
Perform a perfect Solo-Lane Team Attack.
Perform a perfect meteor attack counter.
Kill five enemies in a row using just a single attack on each.
Beat a fifty song playlist without ever pausing.
Survive ten songs in Endless Mode in one run.
Survive thirty songs in Endless Mode in one run.