The Lost Child Trophy List

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Proof that you have mastered TLC. Thank you so much for playing.
Captured your first Astral.
Defeated the evil deity, Hastur.
Defeated the evil deity, Cthugha.
Defeated the evil deity, Dagon.
Cleared the battle against Fallen Angel Balucia.
Defeated Tefnut.
Cleared the battle against Michael.
Defeated Demon Balucia.
Defeated Shu.
Defeated the evil deity, Cthulhu.
Cleared the game.
Captured and purified all capturable Astrals.
Acquired all Astral Bursts.
EVILved an Astral to its final class.
Walked through 100% of all maps.
Completed 100% of the Skill List.
Completed 100% of the Item List.
Defeated Hastur on 25F of R'lyeh Road.
Defeated Cthugha on 50F of R'lyeh Road.
Defeated Dagon on 75F of R'lyeh Road.
Defeated Cthulhu on 100F of R'lyeh Road.
Defeated an Astral that Nyarlathotep possessed, for the first time.
Defeated Nyarlathotep on every floor of R'lyeh Road.
The Fruits of Wisdom system activated 50 times.
Opened 200 treasure chests.
Used synthesis 50 times.
Used the Spirit Scale 10 times.
Saved up 999 stamps from the Witch House.
Saw Lua come out of the bath at Maka Spa.
Saw Hayato come out of the bath at Maka Spa.
Captured Samael, Mastema, and Jeqon.
Completed the investigation involving Leon.
Completed the investigation involving Gagachi.
Completed the investigation involving Banba.
Completed the investigation involving the Cyber Priest.
Completed all investigations involving purification items.
Completed all investigations.
Acquired all items from Balucia's Pillar.