The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest Trophy List

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All Trophies Collected
Defeat 100 Goblins
Defeat 100 Orcs
Collect all the Fellowship Tokens
Collect all lore items
Complete all the side quests
Defeat your first Hill-troll
Defeat 100 Uruks
Defeat 1000 Enemies
Defeat 2500 Enemies
Defeat 8 Oliphaunts
Defeat 250 enemies with Bow
Perform an Icon Strike
5 consecutive Icon Strikes
Perform 5000 sword swipes
1000 silver coins acquired
Defeat the Balrog
Defend the Ent
Defeat the Witch-king
Defeat the Mouth of Sauron
Defeat the Witch-king without taking damage
Defeat the Uruk champion without taking damage
Defeat Black Riders/Nazg├╗l
Acquire all the upgrades
All stalls 100% Complete
Complete Button Mushroom quest
Complete Crow Hunting quest
Complete all the imaginary quests in the woods
Complete the Shire
Game complete