The King of Fighters 2000 Trophy List

Multiples of Zero Multiples of Zero
Clear Arcade mode.
Match Interference Match Interference
Knock out an opponent with a Striker.
Independence Day Independence Day
Unlock the original Team USA for use as Strikers.
Blood and Screaming Blood and Screaming
Unlock Orochi Iori and Orochi Leona for use as Strikers.
The Men Behind the Men The Men Behind the Men
Unlock Wolfgang Krauser and Mr. Big for use as Strikers.
Reinforcements Have Arrived Reinforcements Have Arrived
Unlock Heidern for use as a Striker.
Your Own Personal Apocalypse Your Own Personal Apocalypse
Unlock Orochi for use as a Striker.
Less Than Zero Less Than Zero
Unlock Krizalid for use as a Striker.
Irreplaceable Irreplaceable
Defeat Zero with Kula.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Sibling Rivalry Sibling Rivalry
Knock out Kula with Another K`.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Reunion Tour Reunion Tour
Clear Arcade Mode with Kyo, Shingo, Benimaru, and Daimon.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Double Date Night Double Date Night
"Well, I was thinking we could all get together and enter a bare-knuckle fighting tournament. Or there's always bowling."
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Metal Slug 2000 Metal Slug 2000
Clear Arcade Mode with Ralf, Clark, Leona, and Fio.