The Jackbox Party Pack Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Get all questions right in an episode
Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack
Ace a DisOrDat
Win all Wrong Answer of the Game prizes
Fool every other player with a Lie in a 3+ player game
All players find the truth on a question
Enter the same thing as another player
Write a Lie that's actually the Truth
Draw something that everyone guesses correctly
Win a game by more than 3000 points
Fool every other player with your title of another player's drawing
Guess every drawing correctly in a game
Play a game with 10 or more players
Win three games in a row
Enter one of the 7 bugs' secret names as your name
Play a full 8-player game
Play a perfect round where all words get accepted
Win three rounds in a row
Type the word "nugget" and get it accepted