The Inpatient Trophy List

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You collected all Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies in The Inpatient
You discovered a memory
You experienced your first dream
You succumbed to temptation
You resisted temptation
You left Bragg alone to his fate
You diligently checked the calendar while confined to your room
You found the projector film of the nurse
You were responsible for David's death
You were responsible for Suzanne's death
You discovered all your memories
You escaped the mountain
Nobody survived the night
You killed Ted
You stayed behind to operate the cable car
You saved Victor the hotel janitor
David, Suzanne and Ted made it off the mountain
You convinced the police you'd stay quiet about events in the sanatorium
You chased down Hannah and Beth Washington
You were commited to an institution for not cooperating with the police
You met the mysterious owner of Blackwood Sanatorium
You witnessed the events which led to the closure of Blackwood Sanatorium