The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina.
Fight your way trough the Orichalcum Mines and defeat the Drill Worm.
Complete the Start the Generator quest.
Defend the Lair and defeat Breda.
Eliminate Fulmigati's doomsday machine.
Kill 50 enemies.
Kill 500 enemies.
Kill 5000 enemies.
Kill 50.000 enemies.
Visit 3 different locations.
Visit all locations.
Loot 50 chests.
Loot 100 chests.
Loot 200 chests.
Visit an Ink location.
Visit 7 Ink locations.
Complete The weapon shipment quest.
Complete the orichalcum shipment quest.
Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss.
Escort the Traveling Merchant to the Romany Camp with him taking no damage.
Solve every side-quest in Markovna.
Solve every side-quest in the Secret Lair.
Defend the Lair without a single enemy getting in.
Finish the Salvage Mission quest without setting of any explosives.
Answer all the Riddle Wisps correctly (so you don't have to fight them).
Take at least 20 pieces of loot from the Domovoy on the Gorgon Pass with a single character.
Finish the game with a Hardcore character!
Finish the game without killing a single Igor. (You know, those cute little guys with the flamethrowers!)
Defeat the Frenzied Forest Spirit in Gallowsbog.
Auras and Tricks can come in handy in many situations. Learn as many as you can!
Defeat the Wingless Messiah.
Gather a Critical Hit chance of at least 50%.
Defeat the Drill Worm without the help of the Elyctric Discharger.
Defeat the Rabbit with the Bunnyslayer.
Defeat Professor Fulmigati with all of his Towers, etc. still intact.
Retrieve King Borislav's Royal Scepter.
Pull out the Excalibur from the Stone.
Swim through 20 Garbage Containers.
Kill a chicken with a sword!