The Godfather II Trophy List

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Act like a mobster, think like a Don.
Complete 10 execution styles.
Complete all execution styles.
Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate kill condition.
Control three crime rings.
Control five crime rings.
Control all extortable businesses.
Control all crime rings.
Crack five safes.
Crack all safes.
Create a mobster using MobFace.
Upgrade one of your made men's skills or weapons.
Send your men to bomb a venue from the Don's View.
Send your men to attack a venue from the Don's View.
Eliminate three rival families.
Eliminate four rival families.
Eliminate a rival family by successfully bombing their compound.
Eliminate all five rival families.
Eliminate Hyman Roth.
Eliminate two rival families.
Find a level 2 firearm upgrade.
Find a level 3 firearm upgrade.
Heist your first bank.
Heist each bank once.
Kill 750 mobsters.
Kill 100 mobsters.
Kill 250 mobsters.
Kill 25 mobsters.
Kill 25 mobsters only using BlackHand attacks.
Kill 500 Mobsters.
Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms.
Recruit a full family tree.
Max out all guards at a venue.
Unlock all safehouses.
Promote one of your made men to Capo.
Promote one of your men to Underboss.
Control one crime ring.
Recruit your first soldier.
Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.
Kill Henry Mitchell.
Earn one of each favor.
Collect all level 2 and level 3 firearm upgrades.