The Flame in the Flood Trophy List

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Unlock all the trophies in The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition
Speak with every river resident
Die in every possible way
Kill a wolf
Eat every type of plant
Build a campfire
Repair 1000 points of raft health
Visit every location type
Start a new game with items in Aesop's bag
Poison 20 wolves with tainted meat
Travel 20 miles with the raft motor running
Contract every affliction
Have 10 stacked afflictions
Make 50 articles of clothing
Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery
Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping
Sleep in 20 churches
Reach High Ground in the Campaign Mode
Reach Angel Yards in Campaign Mode
Expand your inventory to the maximum
Craft every item
Complete the campaign without killing any animals
Survive the first 20 days in Endless Mode without killing any animals
Cure 30 afflictions in a single playthrough
Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants
Equip a full set of Bear Hide clothing
After 20 days of travel, have every stat at 100% and no afflictions
Fully upgrade your raft in a single playthrough
Kill every animal type with arrows
Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter
Survive 100 miles in Endless Mode
Equip a full set of Wolf Hide clothing
Kill a bear
Lure a hostile animal into a snake
Eat all the bad stuff in a single playthrough
Reach The Kingdom in Campaign Mode
Survive 200 miles in Endless Mode