The Escapists 2 Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Escape all Classic prisons.
Craft 50 unique items.
Perform 7 unique escapes across the Classic prisons.
Max out all 3 character statistics.
Knock out every inmate at least once in a single prison.
Escape all Transport prisons.
Win 10 Online Versus Games.
Knockout 50 Guards.
Escape the H.M.P Offshore prison.
Escape the Centre Perks 2.0 prison.
Escape the U.S.S Anomaly prison.
Escape the Rattlesnake Springs prison.
Escape the K.A.P.O.W Camp prison.
Escape the Fort Tundra prison.
Knockout 100 inmates.
Play a song for 1 hour of prison time.
Enter a multiplayer only area.
Complete 100 favours.
Go 3 consecutive days without raising your Guard Heat above 0 in a single session.
Play a Versus game online.
Play a Classic game online.
Complete the quota once for each of the jobs over multiple prisons/sessions.
Get mauled by a guard dog.
Gain a high enough opinion from a dog.
Spend 3 days total time in solitary over multiple prisons/sessions.
Attack a guard with a cake.
Make a cup of tea and gift it to another inmate or guard.
Fight another player in the U.S.S Anomaly, when you are both armed with energy swords.
Use a customised character in-game.
Spend 3 days total time in the showers over multiple prisons/sessions.
Escape H.M.P. Offshore on Snooty the Dolphin
Attend dinner whilst being naked.
Complete a quota of the Kitchen job whilst being naked.
Craft an item.
Tag 200 places throughout any prison.
Max out the Intellect statistic.
Max out the Strength statistic.
Max out the Fitness statistic.
Get whisked away by a hunky medic.
Escape the Area 17 prison.

Wicked Ward DLC

Escape the Wicked Ward by any means.
Complete the unique single player escape.
Complete the unique multiplayer escape.
Complete the ‘What it does in the shadows…’ quest.
Complete the ‘Bump in the night’ quest.
Witness the ghost perform an otherworldly feat…

Big Top Breakout DLC

Escape Big Top Breakout by any means.
Complete the unique single player escape.
Complete the unique multiplayer escape.
Complete the ‘No Laughing Matter’ quest.
Complete the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Quest.
Avoid going to the Show Time routine for 3 days in a row.

Dungeons And Duct Tape DLC

Escape Dungeons and Duct Tape by any means.
Complete the unique single player escape
Complete the unique multiplayer escape
Complete the ‘It Belongs In A Museum’ quest
Complete the ‘Eternally Grateful’ Quest
Use the Royal throne