The Deer God Trophy List

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Finish the game with all trophies
Become an adult
Get full light karma bar
Finished the game and became an Elder
Finished the game and became a human
Kill 10 cows
Beat all bosses
Kill the eagle
Collect 25 eggs
Hatch 3 falcons
Raise 5 babies
Find 10 turnips
Eat 25 mushrooms
Kill 5 foxes with fire
Don't kill any creatures for 15 days
Eat 100 plants in one game
Use 3 items at the same time
Run for 50,000 meters
Find 10 deer heads
Acquire all powers
Kill 10 deer
Freeze 5 hunters
Become 3 different animals
Get full dark karma bar
Collect all relics
Collect 10 skunk cabbages
Survive for 50 days
Ride a tortoise through spikes
Ride a train
Find 10 treasure boxes