The Count Lucanor Trophy List

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You are the new count.
Find some stale bread before night falls.
Find the chest hidden near your house.
Find the castle's wall at day.
They love apples.
Drink a little bit of wine.
Visit the cemetery at day.
Visit your home at night.
The crow will be your best friend.
Find J.F.'s most important note.
Enter the fire room from a secondary door.
Use the snake ring at the best place.
Feed him with apples.
Catch Eisbein.
Kill the old woman and Eisbein.
Choose a goat.
Choose a goat.
Guess the kobold's name without using the letters.
Open the garden chest.
Guess the kobold's name using the letters.
Feed the worm from the depths.
Catch the butterfly in the depths.
One of the five endings.
Discover the truth in the throne hall.
One of the five endings.
Find the hidden treasure of the Count.
Get the treasure hunter badge from Giulia.
See the donkey again.
One of the five endings.
One of the five endings.
One of the five endings.
Get the fire room letter without using the bucket of water.