The Cave Trophy List

What You Always Wanted What You Always Wanted
Reached the bottom.
Shoplifting Shoplifting
Remorse Remorse
Remembered it's wrong to steal.
Win-win-win-win-win-win-win Win-win-win-win-win-win-win
Everyone reached the bottom.
Redemption Redemption
Saw the good in everyone.
Corruption Corruption
Saw the darkness in all our hearts.
The Whole Story The Whole Story
Collector of forgotten dreams.
Well Done Well Done
Sacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor.
Royal Buffet Royal Buffet
Where did the King go anyway?
Weight of the Beast Weight of the Beast
The scale reveals a baleful figure.
Fire In The Hole Fire In The Hole
3 die by the Miner's hand.
Walk Like An Adventurer Walk Like An Adventurer
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.
Such Bad Children Such Bad Children
Broke things.
Smells Like Team Spirit Smells Like Team Spirit
Everyone is gross.
To Soothe A Savage Beast To Soothe A Savage Beast
Captured crusty melodies.
Hazardous Work Environment Hazardous Work Environment
Slipped, where wet.
Embrace Impermanence Embrace Impermanence
Broke bridges.
Creamed Corn Creamed Corn
Food-based destruction.
Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies
Peered into everyone's fate.