The Banner Saga 3 Trophy List

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Complete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.
Complete Chapter 21 with only one return to Arberrang.
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Complete the game with all possible heroes still alive.
Put an end to the warped Sundr.
Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
Reunite separated family.
Defeat the final wave of every wave battle in the game.
Fight 30 battles in a single playthrough.
Finish the game with Hakon and Canary allied to you.
Now we see the violence inherent in the system.
Keep Folka from losing her head over Bolverk.
See Rook or Alette safely to the end of the Saga.
Defeat 3 enemies with Alfrun.
Defeat 3 enemies with Ubin.
Defeat 3 enemies with the Bulwark.
Defeat 3 enemies with the Apostate.
Defeat 3 enemies with the Castaway.
Defeat Ruin on the battlefield.
Fail to learn your lesson the first time.
Return to the godstone Denglr.
Visit the godstone of the dredge.
Pass Juno's Weaved Energy buff 4 times before it expires.
Put Bolverk to rest once and for all.
Convince Eyvind to do the right thing.
Award a heroic title.
Promote a hero to rank 15.
Complete the game with both caravans alive, but fewer than 16 characters.
Reach the end of Chapter 20 with 300 clansmen.
Use items and heroic titles to have 3 passive abilities on one character.
Spoke with King Meinolf in Chapter 16.
Alfrun joined the the caravan.
Minimized casualties during 'disagreement' over horseborn.
Put Gudmundr and Petrus into battle together 5 times.
Listen to Aleo's recitation.
Juno wanders alone for all eternity.
Arrive safely at Ridgehorn.
Salvage a treasure trove in the darkness.
Talk to at least 15 allies in Arberrang and the darkness.
Survive the trek across the frozen sea.
End the game with all possible playable dredge alive.
Leave no dredge alive.
Reunite dredge baby with its own kind.
Accept the proposition.
Never let the Ravens stop for rest.
Successfully hold out to the bitter end.
Trap two enemies in sinkholes.
Win a battle with at least one human, horseborn, varl, and dredge in the fight.
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