Trophy List

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Obtain all other trophies.
Defeat all enemies.
Obtain all items.
Spend CP to completely fill all Crystal Customization spots.
Clear the story after saving both Jupiel and Ariael.
Clear the The 3 Girls story.
Clear the Neliel story.
Clear the Lilliel story.
Clear the story after choosing to save Ariael.
Clear the story after choosing to save Jupiel.
Choose every choice.
Boost your weapon to +99 using Item Boost.
Boost your armor to +99 using Item Boost.
Learn Quick Shade.
Learn Phantom Dive.
Learn Shadow Trick.
Learn Fright Field.
Learn Energy Drain.
Learn Blade Feather.
Learn Sky Wave Cutter.
Learn Quake Impact.
Learn Light Armor.
Learn Gale Run.
Use Item Boost for the first time.
Spend CP for the first time.
Deitize for the first time.
Make the final ultimate choice.
Clear Mission 14.
Clear Mission 13.
Clear Mission 12.
Clear Mission 11.
Clear Mission 10.
Clear Mission 09.
Clear Mission 08.
Clear Mission 07.
Clear Mission 06.
Clear Mission 05.
Clear Mission 04.
Clear Mission 03.
Clear Mission 02.
Clear Mission 01.