The Assembly Trophy List

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All prior trophies have been unlocked
Find the Casius-D dossier
Find the sandwich in samples fridge
Discover Anton's investigation into the Director's illness
Complete your first trial.
Continually stare at Dr Chevez
Gather all evidence
Feed the dog
Give Larson's love note to Benson
Complete your second trial
Attempt to leave the second trial with a dagger
Retrieve your Portable Hard Drive
Complete the obsolete Pillar Trial
Spot Dr Chevez
Discover the preperation for Madeleine's trials
Hear Cal's Confession
Reach the 4th year in any round of the Outbreak trial
Expel Gerard from his room
Listen to Benson's voice message to Larson
Open the briefcase
Escape the Assembly
Discover the Cryo experiment
'Save' the dog from Dr Chevez's experiment
Meet the Director
Madeleine is offered a job at the Assembly
Complete The Assembly
Read all the magazines in the waiting rooms
Collects all Project Dossiers