The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Unlock all trophies
Completed the game on Human difficulty
Completed the game on Hero difficulty
Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty
Collected all Spider-Man comic books
Retrieved all parts of Black Cat's journal
Retrieved all parts of Menken's journal
Retrieved all parts of Detective's journal
Achieved a combo streak of 42
Performed 15 signature moves
Destroyed 20 body armors
Unlocked all character bios
Completed all photo challenges
Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns
Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols
Disarmed 50 enemies
Defeated Shocker
Defeated Kraven
Defeated Black Cat
Defeated Cletus Kasady
Defeated Kingpin
Defeated Green Goblin
Defeated Electro
Defeated Carnage
Unlocked all suits
Completed all hideouts
Completed all combat challenges
Achieved 30 multidodges
Achieved 100 critical hits
Defeated 100 enemies
Defeated 300 enemies
Defeated 500 enemies
Saved 50 civilians
Reached maximum levels for all suits
Unlocked all concept art
Heroism to the maximum
Completed 10 deadlock situations
Completed 10 building on fire situations
Completed 10 rescue situations
Completed 10 petty crime situations
Completed 5 races
Performed 50 signature moves
Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him
Acquired the Seismic Blast ability
Acquired the Ionic Web ablity
Destroy any armored enemy using Web-Strike
Completed a hideout without being spotted