The Adventure Pals Trophy List

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Get all achievements
Use the Cupcake Converter
Make it to the second island
Collect your first Cupcake
Complete your first objective
Get your first pal
You've used up nine lives but don't give up
Vanquish 10 enemies
Use a Weapon Mod
Level up your abilities for the first time
Collect 10 Cupcakes
Kill 20 yaks on the world map
Defeat Treefist
Defeat The Breakfast Buccaneer
Defeat the Veggiesaur
Defeat Mr B's Crab Mech
Defeat Mr B's Hot Dog Monster
Start a co-op game
Complete a stage in less than 3 minutes
Give the whale the old man's underwear
Release 50 old people from hotdogs
Defeat all the arenas
Kill an enemy that has been converted in to a bunny
Find 50% of the stickers
Beat an arena
Giraffe-copter for 5 minutes in total
Kill 100 enemies by jumping on their heads
Fill up your sticker book
Unlock all costumes
Fully level up
Finish the game