The 25th Ward: The Silver Case Trophy List

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Completed all other trophies.
Completed #00 prototype
Completed #01 new world order
Completed #02 good looking guy
Completed #03 boys don't cry
Completed #04 digital man
Completed #05 electride
Completed #06 white out
Completed “01 underground theater
Completed “02 quiet cradle
Completed “03 about nighthawk
Completed “04 the lunar orbit
Completed “05 moon over 25
Completed *00 UTSUTSU
Completed *01 NAGARE
Completed *02 TIGIRI
Completed *03 YOGORE
Completed *04 SIZUKU
Completed *05 MISOGI
Completed *06 YUKI
Completed all chapters.
Completed #03 without losing to any of the hitmen.
Talked to Red a total of 51 times.
Lost the game.
Walked 2.5 km on the chapter select screen.
Watched all endings.