Teslagrad Trophy List

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Find all 36 scrolls in the game
Raiding Barbarians
Conquered Barbarians
Serving Barbarians
Wild Grues
Captured Grues
Warbred Grues
Castle of Teslagrad
City of Teslagrad
Tower of Teslagrad
Foreign nation of Angloria
Foreign nation of Mesmer
Foreign nation of Motorland
Crafting Volt Walkers
Crafting Iron Lice
Crafting Power Plants
The Guardian Faradeus
The Guardian Fernus
The Guardian Orb
Glorious Alliance
Glorious Coronation
Glorious Rule
Grand Ambition
Lone Ambition
Failed Ambition
King's Grief
King's Grudge
King's Vengeance
Watchful Father
Resourceful Father
Protective Father
Oleg's Grief
Oleg's Adoption
Oleg's Duty
Long for a Family
Long for a Savior
Long for a Past