TERA Trophy List

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Unlocking all trophies of TERA
Reach level 10
Reach level 20
Reach level 30
Reach level 40
Reach level 50
Reach level 60
Reach level 65
Clear Bastion of Lok dungeon
Clear Sinestral Manor dungeon
Clear Saravash's Ascent dungeon
Clear Cultists' Refuge
Clear Necromancer Tomb dungeon
Clear Golden Labyrinth
Clear Akasha's Hideout
Clear Saleron's Sky Garden
Clear Labyrinth of Terror
Clear Ebon Tower
Clear Kelsaik's Nest
Clear Balder's Temple dungeon
Clear Argon Corpus
Clear Manaya's Core
Clear Sabex Armory
Clear Macellarius Catacombs
Kill named world bosses on the Arun continent
Kill named world bosses in Southern Shara