Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze Trophy List

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Earn all trophies in the game.
Return to the Lair and undergo training.
Find a way inside the TCRI Building.
Swat Baxter Stockman.
Sneak into the Warehouse district.
Trounce Tiger Claw.
Teleport into Dimension X.
Neutralize the Newtralizer.
Give Shred-head something to think about.
Take Casey's advice to upgrade a Shell Kicker.
Fully upgrade Leo's Shell Kickers.
Fully upgrade Donnie's Shell Kickers.
Fully upgrade Raph's Shell Kickers.
Fully upgrade Mikey's Shell Kickers.
Find a Shuriken upgrade.
Find every Shuriken upgrade.
Find a Smoke Bomb upgrade.
Find every Smoke Bomb upgrade.
Find a Chi upgrade.
Find every Chi upgrade.
Find a Health upgrade.
Find every Health upgrade.
Perform 50 Shell Kickers successfully.
Perform 100 Shell Kickers successfully.
Mangle 100 Mousers.
Fell 100 Footbots.
Knock down 100 Kraang Droids.
Maim 300 Mousers.
Finish 300 Footbots.
Quell 300 Kraang Droids.
Achieve 100% Completion.
Finish the game in under 4 hours.
Finish the game in under 2 hours 30 minutes.
Finish the game in under 1 hour.
Finish the game without upgrading any Shell Kickers.
Rescue a captured turtle.
Watch a bonus conversation.
Watch every bonus conversation.
Seek out wisdom from Splinter.
Beat Rahzar without taking damage.
Find Mikey's lost comic book.