Tearaway Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Collect all the other trophies
Finish Gibbet Hill
Finish Between the Pages
Complete your first "extra thing to do"
Unlock your first papercraft plan
Open your first Present
Create 10 Decorations with the Cutting Mat
Put more than 10 Decorations on your Messenger
Dispatch 10 Scraps while riding the Pig
Throw a Gopher at a Scrap
Dispatch 40 Scraps with your finger
Take 15 photos of the paper world
Tumble a pile of 6 Scraps
Take a photo of the other Messenger
Dispatch 200 Scraps
Collect 30 presents
Collect 25 papercraft plans
Complete 10 "extra things to do"
Take a sepia photo of a Squirrel eating an acorn
Take a photo in each Chapter
Take a black and white photo of a Gopher riding an Elk
Take a photo of Yellow Head
Finish the Wendigo Fissure without losing your Stamp
Finish Between the Pages without losing your Stamp
Finish the Tear without losing your Stamp
Finish the game
Dispatch all the Scraps
Collect all the hidden presents
Complete all the "extra things to do"
Collect all the papercraft plans in the world
100% complete the game