Tachyon Project Trophy List

Story Mode Completed Story Mode Completed
Finish Level 10 Successfully
Butcher Butcher
Destroy 500 enemies
Slayer Slayer
Destroy 2500 enemies
Mass Murderer Mass Murderer
Destroy 10000 enemies
Berserker Berserker
Destroy 50 enemies in less than 1 second
Two Birds One Stone Two Birds One Stone
Destroy 15 or more enemies with a single explosion
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Drop a Decoy and a Turret in less than 1 second
Bomber Bomber
Destroy 1000 enemies with the bomb launcher weapon
By a Hair's Breadth By a Hair's Breadth
Finish a wave with 1 or less seconds left
Sniper Sniper
Destroy 1000 enemies using the laser weapon
Bullfighter Bullfighter
Destroy 100 Bull enemies
Slippery Slippery
Stay hidden for more than 15 seconds in a single level
Live in the Shadows Live in the Shadows
Stay hidden for a total of 10 minutes
Bullet Time Bullet Time
Destroy 10 enemies with the time stopped or slowed down in one go
Shield Breaker Shield Breaker
Destroy 100 Shield bearer enemies