Table Top Racing: World Tour Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies
Purchase your 1st car!
Purchase all original Cult Classics
Purchase a Street Racer
Purchase all original Street Racers
Purchase a Supercar
Purchase all original Supercars
Win your 1st Championship event!
Win every original Championship event!
Complete your 1st Special Event!
Win every original Special Event!
Win gold trophies on all original championships.
Win all the original Cult Classics Championships
Win all the original Street Racers Championships
Win all the original Supercars Championships
Use an EMP to block an incoming Missile
Upgrade a car
Fully upgrade all Cult Classics
Fully upgrade all Street Racers
Fully upgrade all Supercars
Fully upgrade a car
Purchase your 1st wheel upgrade
Purchase all wheel upgrades
Spread some love in a race with a Peace Bomb
Hit all opponents with Centurion wheels
Collect all the hidden Bronze coins
Collect all the hidden Silver coins
Collect all the hidden Gold coins
Complete your 1st Multiplayer race
Win your 1st Multiplayer Race
Win 20 Multiplayer Races

Tropical Ice Pack DLC

Get 3 stars in all 'Tropical Ice' events.
Collect all the hidden coins on Yellowsnow Piste.
Collect all the hidden coins on Life's A Beach.
Overtake 500 cars in Overtake Mode.
Pass through 500 checkpoints.
Hit 4 cars with a single Frostbite in Yellowsnow Piste.