Table Top Racing Trophy List

Stellar Performance! Stellar Performance!
Obtain all stars in all championships
All-Star Specialist! All-Star Specialist!
Get three stars on all the Special Events
Master Drifter! Master Drifter!
Score over 300,000 points in a one minute drift session.
First Win! First Win!
Win 3 stars in any championship race
Online Winner! Online Winner!
Win an online race
Table Top Tourist! Table Top Tourist!
Win a race on all 16 tracks
You're Special! You're Special!
Gain three stars in any Special Event
Max Power! Max Power!
Fully upgrade any car
Lightning Strikes Twice? Lightning Strikes Twice?
Take out two or more cars with a single EMP
Photo Finish! Photo Finish!
Win an offline race by less than a car's length
Hit 50 opponents with a mine!
Target Practice! Target Practice!
Hit 50 opponents with a missile!
Table Top Torment! Table Top Torment!
Fall off the table 10 times
Show Off! Show Off!
Win whilst jumping over the finish line