Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon Trophy List

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Get 1 medal in the campaign.
Get 35 medals in the campaign.
Get 90 medals in the campaign.
Finish the campaign.
Get over 50.000 points in Ol' Larry's Rampage.
Get over 200.000 points in Ragnarockin'.
Finish 1 online match.
Win 100 online matches.
Invite a friend to a match, and have them join.
In an open battle, win without any spells in your upgrade menu.
In an open battle, have your Demon workers be participating in defeating an enemy base.
In an open battle, build a single Sand Witch and have her be near the enemy base when you defeat it.
In an open battle, have your units eat 20 shawarma in a single match.