Swords and Soldiers HD Trophy List

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Destroy the enemy castle with a boulder.
Complete the viking campaign.
Complete the Aztec campaign.
Complete the Chinese campaign.
Destroy a tower under construction with Rage.
Cast a boulder that does not damage a single unit.
Kill 36 units with a single unit.
Reach the maximum distance in a Berserker Run game.
Survive over 30 minutes in a Survival game.
Kill all Vikings in a Boulder Mode game without killing any of your own.
Complete Aztec Campaign level 8 without using a Boulder.
Complete Viking Campaign level 7 with all Towers intact.
Survive Viking Campaign level 10 without the help of Mr. Thor.
Complete Viking Campaign level 4 by destroying the enemy base.
Prevent the Giant in Aztec Campaign level 2 from reaching the Goldmine.
Complete Aztec Campaign level 10 without taking control of the Viking army.
Complete Chinese Campaign level 3 without a single Ninja death.
Complete Chinese Campaign level 7 with 15 or more Rocketeers alive.
Complete Chinese Campaign level 8 without killing a single Berserker.
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