Sword Coast Legends Trophy List

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Complete the Prologue
Complete Act I
Complete Act II
Complete Act III
Decide the fate of a murderous knight.
Determine the destiny of one of your greatest enemies.
Choose the fate of a relic of Sehanine Moonbow.
Recruit all possible companions.
Complete all companion quests.
Complete Jarhild Stoneforge's companion quest.
Complete Illydia Maethellyn's companion quest.
Complete Larethar Gulgrin's companion quest.
Complete Hommet Shaw's companion quest.
Complete Bryn Lightfingers' companion quest.
Complete the companion quest for an information broker from Luskan.
Complete the companion quest of Izhkin, Lord of the Dark.
Solve a problem for Javen Tarmikos.
Stabilize an unconscious ally.
Drink ten healing potions.
Find a secret door.
Disable ten traps.
Pick ten locks.
Reach the level cap in one class.
Reach the level cap in all classes.
Collect ten thousand gold.
Kill ten enemies in the most violent manner possible.
Defeat five thousand enemies.
Summon one thousand creatures as a Dungeon Master.
Possess five hundred creatures as a Dungeon Master.
Complete one Dungeon Crawl.
Complete ten Dungeon Crawls.
Complete fifty Dungeon Crawls.
Complete one Dungeon Crawl as a Dungeon Master.
Complete twenty five Dungeon Crawls as a Dungeon Master.
Complete Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
Complete Story Mode with a hero of every race and class.
Get three different stats above 20 on your hero at the same time.
Complete the Campaign in Co-Op.