Switchblade Trophy List

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Earn all Trophies in the game
Achieve MVP in a Quick Play or Ranked game 25 times
Achieve Tech Level 50
Complete the Switchblade tutorials
Customise your Avatar's appearance
Get a Pentakill
Get a 10 player Kill Streak in a Quick Play or Ranked game
Win a total of 100 games in Quick Play or Ranked
Win a Quick Play or Ranked game without any friendly Towers taking damage
Deal more than 10,000 damage during a single game
Shepherd 10 Mobs into Tower Doors in a single Quick Play or Ranked game
Perform a total of 20 Power Core Saves
Earn a total of 100 Kill Streaks
Deal more damage to enemy Power Cores than anyone else on your team
Get a total of 1000 career kills
Achieve Tech Level 10
Play a Quick or Ranked game with a Friend
Heal 100,000 points of damage
Achieve Tech Level 25
Use a total of 100 Shop Items in Quick Play or Ranked games
Use 10 different vehicles to win Quick Play or Ranked games
Win a Quick Play or Ranked game
Get a total of 25 career kills
Get a total of 100 career kills
Destroy 1000 Mobs
Power Down Turrets 100 times
Destroy 50 Turrets
Deal a total of 50,000 points of Power Core damage
Shepherd 50 Mobs into Tower Doors
Unlock a new vehicle from the Shop using Battle Points
Buy 3 passive upgrades during a Quick Play or Ranked match
Upgrade a secondary weapon to level 5
Destroy an enemy vehicle whilst it is being Weapon Jammed