Surviving Mars Trophy List

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Collected all remaining Surviving Mars trophies
Completed Mystery: The Power of Three
Completed Mystery: The Dredgers
Completed Mystery: Spheres
Completed Mystery: Inner Light
Completed Mystery: Artificial Intelligence
Completed Mystery: Marsgate
Built the Space Elevator
Built the Geoscape Dome
Built the Artificial Sun
Built the Omega Telescope
Built the Mohole Mine
Built the Excavator
Built Project Morpheus
Built a Dome
Refueled a Rocket
Harvested Food on Mars
Analyzed an Anomaly
First child on Mars
Passed the Colony Approval stage
Reached 250 Colonists
Reached 1000 Colonists
Researched all non-Breakthrough Technologies
Scanned all Sectors
Deep scanned all Sectors
Reached $100,000 M
Built 1000 buildings
Landed 50 Rockets on Mars in a single playthrough
Built a Dome Spire
Built a Shuttle Hub
Shot down a meteorite
Reached 200 Vegans
Reached 100 Colonists living in a single Dome
Treated 50 Colonists in a Sanatorium
Played as USA and researched all technologies in the Engineering tech-tree before Sol 100
Played as Blue Sun Corporation and exported 500 units of Rare Metals to Earth before Sol 100
Played as China and reached a population of 200 before Sol 100
Played as India and had 5 Domes before Sol 100
Played as Europe and researched 5 Breakthrough Technologies before Sol 100
Played as SpaceY and controlled 200 Drones before Sol 100
Played as Russia and extracted 10000 resource units from Deposits before Sol 100
Played as the Church of the New Ark and had 100 people born on Mars before Sol 100
Had a Colonist with all four stats at maximum
Had an Earthsick Colonist who decided to stay on Mars
Had a Colonist with 2 Rare traits
Passed the Colony Approval stage with a single Founder
Had a Colonist with 5 Perks
Constructed 5 different Wonders in a single playthrough
Had a Biorobot Colonist
Had a Dome populated by at least 50 Biorobot Colonists
Had a citizen that was reconstructed by project Phoenix