Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls Trophy List

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Fired up the game!
NEPTUNE joined your party.
NEPGEAR joined your party.
PLUTIA joined your party.
UZUME joined your party.
MEGA DRIVE joined your party.
GAME GEAR joined your party.
SEGA SATURN joined your party.
DREAMCAST joined your party.
You challenged the Time Eater!
You saw the Normal Ending.
You saw the Bad Ending.
You saw the True Ending.
You beat Delphinus.
You finished your first fight! Aw.
You fought 100 battles !
You fought 500 battles !
You dished out over 100 Hits.
You inflicted over 100,000 damage points to an enemy.
Fever Time activated.
You activated Fever Time 100 times.
You earned a million credits. Wow.
You cleared the dungeon challenge.
You cleared a 100 different missions.
Your investigation skills reached level 25.
You made your first leap through time.
You performed a Class Change.
You caught a ball.
You caught all the balls.
Toypolis been unlocked.
Toypolis Second Floor unlocked.
Toypolis Third Floor unlocked.
You chatted with all the Sega Hard Girls.
You reached level 99.
All your characters reached 99.
You maxed out your Lily rank.
All your characters maxed out their Lily ranks.