Super Toy Cars Trophy List

Champion! Champion!
Finish 1st in the last race of career mode
Completist Completist
Finish all races in career mode 1st
Collector Collector
Own all the cars in the game in career mode
500 Miles Away 500 Miles Away
Race a total of 500 miles
Long Drift Long Drift
Do a drift of more than 500 meters
Marathon Drifter Marathon Drifter
Drift a total of 42Km
Millionaire Millionaire
Earn a total of 500.000 credits
Obsessive Collector Obsessive Collector
Own all the cars with all the unlocks in career mode
Pacifist Pacifist
Win a race using no power-ups
This is War! This is War!
Use a total of 250 power-ups
Booster Booster
Spend 10 minutes boosting
Fly like a bird Fly like a bird
Spend 10 minutes in the air
Gold Digger Gold Digger
Collect 100 coins
Fully Upgraded Fully Upgraded
Buy all upgrades for a vehicle