Super Robot Wars X Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies.
View endings for both male and female protagonists.
Collect all 5 Emblems.
Buy all Power Parts (excluding Recommended) from the Vault and upgrade Magic Customization to Grade 6.
Obtain 51 SR points.
Complete Chapter 1 during replay.
Complete the game.
30 pilots achieve Ace Pilot status.
Earn a Custom Bonus for 30 units.
Deal 50,000 damage to a single enemy in one battle.
Earn 100,000 funds in one battle.
Any pilot achieves Great Ace status.
Any unit completes a Multi Action 4 times in a turn. (Controlling other units in between is okay.)
Unlock all Power Parts (excluding Recommended) in the Vault.
Create 30 types of Skill Programs.
Complete Chapter 1.
Protagonist makes a choice at a crossroad.
Clear a scenario after eliminating all enemies and acquiring Ende's Amulet.
Clear a scenario after eliminating all enemies and acquiring Ende's Eye.
Any pilot achieves Ace Pilot status.
Any unit acquires a Custom Bonus.
View an Interruption Message.
Acquire an Emblem.
With an ally unit sortied in a map, collect all Spirit Commands listed in the overall command Search.
Any ally pilot destroys at least 10 enemy units in a single stage.
Max out any pilot's ExC.
Buy any Power Part (excluding Recommended) from the Vault.
Complete a secret scenario.
Use the Spirit Command Resolve.
Reduce any enemy pilot's Morale to 50.
Any pilot learns a Skill Program.
Achieve Grade 1 or higher in Magic Customization.
Use the Individual Command Dogma.
View a Vault Scenario.
Any pilot uses Spirit Commands Valor and Soul simultaneously.
Retaliate with a Counter attribute weapon at least 5 times in one stage.