Super Robot Wars V Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies.
Achieve the ending of both the male and female protagonists.
Collect all five Emblems.
Purchase all power parts (excluding Recommended Items) from the Factory and increase TAC Customization to Grade 4.
Obtain 51 SR points. (SR points can only be collected in Standard Mode.)
Complete the Game.
Turn 30 or more pilots into Ace Pilots.
Earn a Custom Bonus for 30 or more robots.
Deal 50,000 damage to a single enemy in one battle.
Reduce an enemy's HP to a single digit during battle.
Turn any pilot into a Great Ace.
Complete a Multi-Action four times in one turn with any unit. (Controlling other units in between is OK.)
Unlock all of the power parts (excluding Recommended Items) in the Factory.
Create 30 or more types of Skill Programs.
Acquire 20 or more special skills for any pilot.
Complete Chapter 1.
Turn any pilot into an Ace Pilot.
Acquire a Custom Bonus for any robot.
View a break time message.
Acquire one Emblem.
With an ally unit sortied in a map, collect all the spirit commands listed in the overall command Search.
Destroy 10 or more enemy units in a single stage with any ally pilot.
Max out any pilot's ExC.
Buy any power parts (excluding Recommended Parts) from the Factory.
Turn any female pilot into an Ace Pilot.
Perform four support attacks in one turn with any ally pilot.
Complete a secret scenario.
Turn any enemy pilot's Focus to 50.
Destroy an 1L size or larger enemy unit with an S size or smaller ally unit.
Develop any Skill Program.
Teach any pilot a Skill Program.
Look at the Factory Scenarios.
Use spirit commands Valor and Soul simultaneously with any pilot.
Return attack with a Counterattack weapon five or more times in one stage.
Activate two simultaneous Extra Actions with any pilot.