Super GunWorld 2 Trophy List

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Collect every trophy in Super GunWorld 2.
Conquer QueenFate Forest and capture Sala-Man-Der.
Clear Old-School Mode.
Conquer The Caverns of Eternity and capture Mirror Kat.
Conquer Dwayne's Manor and capture Nightmare.
Defeat The Exaction Faction and save GunWorld without buying any Royal Eagles.
Assemble the GunHorse.
Dont believe me? Try it. Jump into a pool of water if you're so tough.
Recruit Dwayne in the Outlands.
Conquer Deadmoon Belfry and capture Mi-Crow-Wave.
Unlock the Super Torpeagle Rifle.
Visit Sheriff Lawbird when the Crimeatorium is full.
Reach Level 10.
Conquer the Rocketyard and capture Crocketdile.
Amass 20,000 Gold at one time.
Complete Deadmoon Belfry Stage 1 in 146 seconds.
Complete QueenFate Forest Stage 1 in 60 seconds.
Complete Steers of Steel Stage 1 in 84 seconds.
Complete Dwayne's Manor Stage 1 in 67 seconds.
Find the adventurer who won the Kinda Funny cameo giveaway.
Start your adventure on GunWorld.
Conquer Steers of Steel and capture Buff-Alo.
Defeat Commander Yesterday, the Exaction Faction, and save GunWorld.
Complete a Level Rush session.
Travel through Commander Yesterday's Time Portal.
Speak with the Spirit of Guns for the first time.
Purchase every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire.