Super Dungeon Bros Trophy List

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Collect all other SDB trophies
Defeat Duke Spookem
Defeat the Ice Queen
Defeat the Cult Overlord.
Earn the top score in a 4 player game
Reach Duke Spookem for the first time with any weapon
Play the game with every weapon
Complete your first mission in the game
Complete three missions in one world
Kill five enemies with a pot
Kill an enemy with another bro.
Complete a dungeon with each kind of weapon.
Complete a dungeon without dying.
Play the game with every sword
Play the game with every hammer
Play the game with every crossbow
Play the game with every wand
Play the game wearing any helmet
Complete a dungeon with everyone having the same type of weapon.
Throw all bros over a ledge in one game.
Be the only Bro alive when everyone died.
Stay alive at maximum threat level for 30 sec.
Beat a level before you reach threat level 3.
Complete 10 missions.
Complete all missions.
Kill 10,000 bonies.
Kill 7,500 bunnies.
Kill 5,000 wasps.