Super Daryl Deluxe Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Collect all Locker Combos
Collect all Skills
Reach max rank with all Skills
Collect 10 Textbooks
Collect 50 Textbooks
Collect 100 Textbooks
Activate a Set Bonus
Reach max Social Rank
Complete 100 Side Quests
Complete all Task List quests
Close all Dimensional Tears
Find and return all Photographs
Inherit a trusty steed
Daydream through The Janitor's story
Defeat Gorilla Tim
Defeat The Cleaner
Defeat the Literature Guardian
Defeat Mr. Robatto
Encounter JP
Defeat Time Knight
Defeat Robatto-Tron
Defeat The Princess
Finish the Game
Die for the first time
Use Self Destruct
Unlock all Glockenspiel Equipment
Unlock all Asp Equipment
Unlock all Antivirus Equipment
Unlock all Time Knight v2 Equipment
Find Sherlock
Jump on The Princess' bed 10 times
Kill Tim
Discover Eli's Journal
Set fire to the Tree Ent-repreneur