Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition Trophy List

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Achieve Favours: Antiquarian 10
Achieve Admiralty's Favour 10
Escape underwater combat by resurfacing
Suffer Salt's Curse
Suffer Stone's Curse
Suffer Storm's Curse
Die for the first time
Die of suffocation
Be killed by an underwater creature
Woo a sweetheart in London
Accept a power of the deep zee
Take the Pupil legacy
Take the Rival legacy
Take the Correspondent legacy
Take the Salvager legacy
Take the Shipmate legacy
Use an oasis to increase your oxygen levels
Use underwater currents to bear you on your way
Let your terror reach 100
Die 5 times in an unbroken lineage
Come face to face with the Constant Companion
Be killed by the Constant Companion
Discover The Dawn Machine
Discover 'The Eye'
Venture beneath the waves
Die 10 times in an unbroken lineage
Create an ironclad will
Send your child to zee
Spend one year out at zee in an unbroken lineage
Visit the Surface
See Hunter's Keep burn
Recruit the imaginary officer
Avoid being killed by the Unexploded Unclear Bomb
Complete the game without saving manually
Complete the Zubmariner ambition
Acquire the Eschatologue-class Dreadnaught
Perform an abyssal ritual to encounter Lady Black