SunFlowers Trophy List

Too Hot Too Hot
10 flowers sunburnt
Irredeemable Irredeemable
100 flowers sunburnt
Cumulo Nimbus Cumulo Nimbus
1000 rain drops have fallen
Happy Noah Happy Noah
10000 rain drops have fallen
Sorcerer's apprentice Sorcerer's apprentice
Storms raged 10 times
Zeus is angry ! Zeus is angry !
Storm raged 1000 times
My first gift My first gift
One or more flowers have been sent to a friend for the first time
My first crossbreed My first crossbreed
A new flower has been converted for the first time with Labee the bee
Full slots Full slots
Every slot on the screen is full
Pretty Bouquet Pretty Bouquet
At least one flower from each species have been unlocked
Composition Composition
At least three flowers from each species have been unlocked
Hanabi Festival Hanabi Festival
Every common flower has been unlocked
Connaisseur Connaisseur
All of the five legendary flowers have been unlocked
Vivaldi Vivaldi
Level 5 reached: four seasons have passed by
Unstoppable! Unstoppable!
Level 57 reached: fourteen years have passed by