Subject 13 Trophy List

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You have to finish the first chapter. Consider it to be a warm-up, Subject 13.
You have to finish the second chapter. What about some fresh air, Subject 13?
You have to finish the third chapter. Do you want a ball, Subject 13?
You have to finish the fourth chapter... Are you sure you want it?
You have to find a testimony... Will you read it?
Find half of the testimonies... Worrying isn't it?
Find all the testimonies... Terrifying isn't it?
Finish the game without using the help... You can do it, Subject 13!
Are you going to lie to the entity? That's nice!
Are you going to tell the entity all? Are you a gossip?
Never use the Skip Puzzle button! Come on!
Finish the final puzzle in less than 20 minutes? Yes, you can do it!
Solve the 3 monkeys' puzzle... Easy you say?