Subaeria Trophy List

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Unlock Everything
Kill 500 cleaners
Talk to 200 NPCs
Suffer 5,000 damage in one game
Die 9 times
Die once
Speak to a NPC 15 times in a row
Collect 200 Health Pickups
Visit 50 rooms in a single playthrough
Go through a labyrinth in less than five minutes
Unlock Immortal Boost
Unlock Acrobat Boost
Unlock Radar Boost
Unlock Dizzy Tipsy
Unlock Cloak
Unlock Shutdown shell
Unlock Vacuum
Unlock Mean Master
Unlock Shutdown Bomb
Unlock Dizzy Target
Unlock Traitor Target
Unlock Safe Teleport
Unlock Master Vacuum
Unlock Dizzy Shell
Unlock Medic Shell
Unlock Shutdown Teleport
Unlock Power Outage
Unlock Brawl
Unlock Maelstrom
Unlock Hacker Trait
Unlock BloodBound Trait
Unlock Bulky Trait