Strikers Edge Trophy List

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Unlock All Trophies
Hit someone with an headshot
Hit 100 Headshots
Hit 3 Headshots in the same online match
Hit 10 Headshots in the same online match
Win 5 consecutive online matches
Win 10 consecutive online matches
Play 100 Matches
Play 500 matches
Win a 2v2 online game
Win an online match against a friend
Counter an incoming projectile with one of yours in a random online match
Win a game in each arena
Win a round without getting hit when playing online
Play a full match with every character
Tie a round when playing online
Hit 3 consecutive shots in an online match
Win 10 online matches
Win 100 online matches
Win 250 online matches
Parry 50 incoming projectiles
Win a random online match
Lose a random online match