Strike Suit Zero Trophy List

Transformer Transformer
Transform into the Strike Suit for the first time.
Strike Suit Evolved Strike Suit Evolved
Unlock an upgrade.
Strike Suit Combo Strike Suit Combo
Destroy 5 targets at once in Strike Mode.
Lucky Strike Lucky Strike
Destroy a Black Fleet interceptor with rockets.
Strike Three Strike Three
Kill 3 or more targets with a single blast of the Raptor's cannon.
Shoot The Moon Shoot The Moon
You can shoot the moon, we’re just not telling you how.
Strike Fast Strike Fast
Complete the last mission in less than 7 minutes.
Save Earth Save Earth
Reach the end of the game.
Save Earth's Future Save Earth's Future
Get a better ending.
Completist Completist
Unlock everything.
Obey Control Obey Control
No Win Scenario. Die by ramming into a torpedo or hull of a ship.
Exit Simulation Exit Simulation
Beat the Heroes Of The Fleet campaign.
Take One For The Team Take One For The Team
Survive a direct torpedo hit in the Marauder.