Strider Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Earn all Trophies in Strider
Charge the first Novo
Collect All Energy Upgrades
Collect All Fallen Striders
Collect All Health Upgrades
Collect All Kunai Upgrades
Collect All Large Canisters
Complete the Balrog without falling
Complete the game in under 4 hours
Complete game on Hard difficulty
Complete game on Normal difficulty
Defeat 20 enemies using Panther
Defeat 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit
Defeat Solo
Defeat General Mikiel
Defeat Grandmaster Meio
Defeat Meio Prime
Defeat Juroung
Defeat Mechapon
Defeat Pei & Nang Pooh
Defeat Pei Pooh
Defeat The Armored Dragon
Defeat the Armored Dragon Stage 2
Defeat Resurrected Solo
Defeat Xi Wang Mu
Destroy Gravitron
Destroy Gravitron 2
Defeat the Millipede
Defeat 10 enemies using Reflect
Max out the Hit Meter 25 times