Stranded: A Mars Adventure Trophy List

Go Nuts! Go Nuts!
Collect 100 nuts
Saturday Nut Fever! Saturday Nut Fever!
Collect 500 Nuts
You're Totally Nuts! You're Totally Nuts!
Collect 10000 Nuts
Star Collector Star Collector
Collect 10 stars
Star Commander Star Commander
Collect 100 stars
Crispy Martian Crispy Martian
Burst into flames more than 10 times
Have a Blast! Have a Blast!
Use O2 as jetpack fuel for more than 5 consecutive seconds
Clothes Make The Man Clothes Make The Man
Max out an upgrade
I'm Not Dead ... Yet! I'm Not Dead ... Yet!
Complete Stage IV
Not So Stranded Not So Stranded
Finish the game...Like, for real.
Mars Fashion Week Mars Fashion Week
Unlock every suit (and then go flaunt it).
Suck it, Damon Suck it, Damon
Finish every level with 3 stars