Strafe Trophy List

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Get all trophies
Survive Icarus
Survive the Black Canyon
Survive the Burbs
Survive Athena
Fix the Black Canyon teleporter
Fix the Burbs teleporter
Fix the Athena teleporter
Die 1000 times
Beat game in under 40 minutes
Beat the boss using Lil Joby
Beat the game without a primary weapon
Beat the game without obtaining any additional shields or health
Beat the game without using teleporters
Jump more than 10 times in the tutorial
Beat the game with the machinegun
Beat the game with the shotgun
Beat the game with the railgun
Find 666 secrets
Destroy 100 Paintings
Kill 50 Little Joby's
Get a kill while riding a harvester
Get a reflect kill with wrench
Blow up 666 barrels
Beat a level ONLY strafing
Beat Luftenstein
Beat STRAFE jumping map
Beat Rats map
Beat Gungeon
Beat Trappy Mine
Beat Going Home
Interact with everything in the bathroom
Survive to room 5
Survive all 10 rooms
Fill the blood bank