Stories: The Path of Destinies Trophy List

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You have explored the Path of Destinies.
You have opened the book for the first time.
Craft a magical sword (Firestorm, Winterthorne or Void Blade).
Make your first choice.
Open 10 small chests.
Destroy 100 inanimate objects.
Get rid of 75 Raven Grunts.
Slice 50 Raven Warlocks in two.
Show 25 Shield Ravens that the best defence is actually offence.
Help 25 Explosive Ravens do just that.
Put 25 Predators to sleep. The eternal kind.
Find your first gem.
Find out more about Zenobia's behaviour.
Discover Lapino's little secret.
Follow the Iblis Stone's voice to learn its goal.
Find out why the Skyripper was so well hidden.
Curiosity never killed anyone right? Open your first secondary path.
Achieve a 30 hit combo.
Bring 50 enemies closer to you.
Get hooked by spending your first skill point.
Roundabouts are fun, but not too much.
Remember your old talents by spending 15 skill points.
Take your sword back to the forge to improve it.
Let's see what's out there. Set foot on every island of Boreas.
Ooooh, shiny! Find a level 3 gem.
Pick the feathers off 500 dead Ravens.
Do "research" on each type of enemy. With your sword.
Use each sword to open a different door.
Die a maximum of 5 times in a story.
Achieve a 60 hit combo.
Use every trick in the book during a combat encounter.
Open 50 small chests and find space for all those goodies.
Be careful and finish a level without taking damage from start to finish, after obtaining the book.
Look for fabulous treasures in 25 epic chests.
You have discovered all intel the book could show you.
Forge all swords and make them as best as you can.
Make all the right choices.
Once all knowledge you have, rewarded you will be.